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What started as a one off event to showcase the best of underground & offbeat entertainment has grown into a global community of artists, influencers, creators, performers & appreciators obsessed with everything dark, mystical and deathly.

We bring everything together at our yearly events & weekenders where we have entertained over 150,000 people in since 2015, each creating incredible characters and costumes of their own.


A unique blend of circus, carnival & chaos set to a huge soundtrack spanning rock, indie, bass, dnb, house & industrial techno performed by our DJ’s & live band.   Our giant creatures, magical scenery & unreal performers command the stage and roam the crowds, getting up close and personal with guests who, in amazing costumes of their own, create a fully immersive world. Get ready to be moved all night by music, frozen still by breathtaking acts and awestruck by some gnarly entertainment.  Festival of The Dead is quite simply like nothing you’ve experienced before.  If you have more questions on how our events work, you can see our FAQ here.


26 Feb 21
Paradise Apocalypse
Troxy, London
06 Mar 21
Paradise Apocalypse
Vale Warehouse, Cardiff
13 Mar 21
Paradise Apocalypse
Bowlers, Manchester
19 Mar 21
Paradise Apocalypse
O2 Academy, Glasgow
27-29 Mar 21
Dark Fairytale Weekender
Prague, Czech Republic


We organise weird weekenders to strange, beautiful or gothic locations across Europe creating an itinerary tailor made for the dark touristThis is usually accompanied by a Festival of The Dead event.

Click on either Prague or Barcelona below to find out more.


Join our global community of make up artists, creators, performers, appreciators & influencers as we document the dark side.

We have brought together over 250,000 people between our social media channels and reach over 20,000,000 monthly worldwide with our content from our shows and the community.

about us

Founded in London in 2015 by Nathan Reed as a one off event to give a platform to the best of the ‘Dark Arts’. The show booked offbeat & underground circus acts, performers, musicians & artists with incredible talents, sidelined by mainstream events and media, bringing them together for a so called ‘Festival of The Dead.

The idea was simple & an enormous ground swell of interest emerged for a genre of event that quite simply, had been missing. The FOTD community materialised, selling out the huge Troxy Theatre within a few weeks, each with their own amazing costumes and characters; the community had been born.

Today the show has entertained over 150,000 guests & transformed into a global community of artists, creators, performers, influencers & appreciators obsessed with the dark side.

Each year we bring everybody together at our events & weekenders.

Since 2015 we have entertained over 150,000 people across the UK & Europe and brought together over 300,000 people online.